About The Crew

Natural Landscape Designs is a landscaping Company founded by me, Douglas Dedrick, a landscaper with over 12 years of experience.

When I was 15 I began pulling weeds by hand for clients, soon I was riding my lawn mower from job to job tugging along my trailer of tools. Soon enough I got my first pickup truck, a blue 1990 F-150, and was driving to other jobs in NC and Virginia.

Over the years, I learned about lawn care and then the landscaping industry. Never officially launched my landscaping company. It was mostly a “glorified hobby”. The hardest part was finding out where to provide my services and how.

After ending my initial lawn care business and pursuing other work, construction, serving tables etc. I moved from North Carolina where I started my landscaping/lawn care career, back to NY where I was born where I essentially rebuilt my business. This time I really focused on landscaping

In 2017 I began to write about lawn care on the side. Which allowed me to explore and expand my understanding of the industry. In the meantime, I moved back to North Carolina where I started my lawn care business from scratch yet again.